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Hey, did you know that you have to feed your cat so it won’t die of starvation? … ok, ok… not the best start.

But the fact is, you DON’T. We live in a 21 century, and of course this is already taken care of. We have automatic cat feeders, automatic chicken feeders, dog feeders, bird feeders.

And what when a winter comes? Well, you will definitely need a heated chicken waterer.

We even have bluetooth or wifi controlled cat feeders with cameras and speakers – so you can in fact have a “video call” with your pet while also feeding them. And all of that via your smartphone.

Isn’t it awesome? That one evening when you really have to stay at work late. Your pet won’t be hungry.

But what about chicken feeders? It’s not just about not being at home to feed them. These feeders open only when a chicken steps on a special place. That means those feeders keep the food safe from predators and rain.

We at feederguide are fascinated by all this stuff. We love to research different kind of feeders, we write reviews and comparisons to help you buy the best feeder for you and your animals.

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