Best Automatic Chicken Feeder Reviews

Automatic Treadle Feeder

What is the best way to feed your chickens? In short: Use an automatic chicken feeder (or a no waste chicken feeder as someone might call it) No more need to hurry home to feed the chicken. They will feed themselves on demand, whenever they want. Automatic feeders often provide protection from birds or mice … Read more

How Long Do Ducks Live?

duck with question mark

Ducks are among the friendliest and most curious species on the planet. They’re also referred to as waterfowls since they are aquatic creatures who live mainly in streams, ponds, or rivers. In fact, most people confuse ducks with other birds like loons as they look almost the same. Both the neck and wings of ducks … Read more

How Long Do Chickens Live?

How old am I?

Chickens, whether you consider them your pets or food, have their normal life expectancy just like any other living beings. The question How long do chickens live is not really one that you hear often since poultry are rarely kept for more than 2 years. But if they’re not meant to become the next Chicken … Read more

Heated Chicken Waterer

heated base

Unlike automatic chicken feeders, which have no problem with freezing as long as they stay dry, waterers have to be heated during winter. In freezing temperatures, the water cools rapidly and freezes very fast. If you don’t want to spend whole day changing the water, make your life easier by buying a heated chicken waterer, … Read more